Our objective is to empower sustainable value for businesses, investors, advisors and other stakeholders and help develop our clients’ long term potential

  • Structure


    Leopard Strategy develops a bespoke structure to help solving the strategic questions on the table

  • Process


    Leopard Strategy process skills deliver great value-for-money in terms of quality, speed and of course the price

  • Content


    Solid data and value driven content brings focus to the business and facilitates decision making within the management team

  • Result


    Hands - on, practical deliverable, which is information dense, has a clear story line, with strong supporting visuals and with a consistent data approach

We excel in strategic decision making context where businesses require support in medium term planning or are approaching a liquidity event

Leopard Strategy’ craftmanship is confirmed by highest degree of customer success. We operate across various industries and across the globe. Our knowledge is rapidly expanding across industries. Currently our main focus sectors are Energy & Infrastructure, Food & Beverages, Future of Mobility and Consumer Packaging.

We are not a corporate finance firm, hence do not source potential targets or engage as M&A or debt structuring advisor.

  • Energy & Infrastructure

    Energy & Infrastructure

  • Food & Beverages

    Food & Beverages

  • Future of Mobility

    Future of Mobility

  • Consumer Packaging

    Consumer Packaging

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our mission is to empower sustainable value for businesses, investors, advisors and other stakeholders.

Our vision is to help develop our clients’ long term potential.

Leopard Strategy has set itself the goal to operate at highest standards of business ethics and professionalism. Any type of conflict creates tension with obtaining these objectives, hence a conflict check is part of our “client onboarding” procedure.

Our core values:


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