CEO’s and CFO’s

Leopard Strategy has build a solid position as trusted business development advisor for CEO’s and CFO’s. Our presence creates significant headspace for management and brings additional strategic power at the table. Together with management (teams) we work on a range of strategic queries such as developing mid/long term strategies, preparing for strategic customer contracts or business cases. Moreover strong financial skills, strengthen, quantify and objectify the foundations of the assignments.

In addition, our inhouse transaction support services have delivered significant success on M&A and refinancing transactions for our clients in the past few years.

References are among others: Baarsma, Bier&cO, Kennemervis Groep, Original Beans, ParkBee, The FCTRE, Unica Global and their audiences.

Development cycle

Leopard Strategy works with a continuous cycle of outside-in market perspective, strategic positioning and financial planning.


Strategy products

Range comprising informative and structured presentations for investors, boards and other stakeholders.

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